2011 / Dedicated to my generation
People who do not agree with the stereotypes of the society or those who haven't found its support, will always tend to either change the world and its society, or leave it , find an escape. Sometimes it stems from desperation, moral exhaustion and imperceptions, since escape from a problem is the easiest way to solve it. For many such deliberate isolation from society, or move into an isolated social environment, is the way of development, as the result of which a person, separated from unnecessary fuss, from the consumer lifestyle, comes to be able to take a deep look inside... Is such way of independent person, seeking for self-actualization, wrong? Someone goes this way consciously, when outgrown the society, and someone loses interest in the conventional values of society, chosing the world of dreams.

Each work of the series "Asleep" is a combination of graphics and photography. The series consists of images of nude figures and portraits. While nakedness emphasizes the sincerity of the spiritual state of the model, geometric forms render the idea of forms and space of the world, its harmony, orderliness that underlie life. The geometry of the portraits is the mode of thought, which while moving, changes the image, creating a new emotional tone sensation.

anaglyph 3D